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Become a Real Action Games Retailer

Sell Real Action Games Products in Your Store

Looking for an exciting product to increase sales? We have re-defined the board game with The Real Action Stockcar Championship.

Quantity discounts for small and large stores. We have quantity discounts available in price ranges from 6 games up to more than 25,000. So, whatever the size of your store, we are prepared to serve you with an exciting product.

Store displays to increase sales. We can create store displays for you such as storefront signs, aisle tags, and the service of designing displays to meet your requirements.

We help you increase sales. When becoming a retailer of our products your company name will be listed within this web site and offered over the phone to retail consumers who call from our nationwide advertising.

Minimum order. Our standard minimum order is a carton of 6 games, but we encourage business with smaller stores that wish to buy only a few games at a time. Therefore, feel free to request a smaller minimum order if you wish to buy only a few copies at a time. However, before ordering, we do require a copy of your state sales and use tax permit. You may FAX it to us along with your request for dealer pricing at 508-991-7616.

Shipping information. Lead time for orders will be approimately 1 week (8 weeks for orders over 500 units), and shipping is F.O.B. South Dartmouth, MA. F.O.B. South Bend, IN for orders over 500 units. We look forward to hearing from you.

Retailer Order Center. We are currently working on an on-line order processing center. As soon as it is completed, all of our retailers will be given a logon and password to access the order center. This will help greatly to reduce order processing costs.



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