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RASC Realism Package Questions

Move 1/2 MIN Twice?
Date Entered: February 07, 2004

Question: The Spin Chart states "when spinning, always move 1/2 min". Spin 5-6 ("Save It") states 1/2 min next turn. Does this mean move 1/2 this turn AND next turn (2 turns of 1/2 min)?

Answer: No, when it says Next Turn, it just means the "Next time you move your car." So, you would only move the car 1/2 MIN once.

Qualifying Disqualified on Second Lap?
Date Entered: February 07, 2004

Question: Most qualifying incidents result in a DNF (or is it DNQ?). If you are using 2 lap qualifying and the terminal incident occurs on the second lap, what time do you use for your best time (the DNF or the completed lap). I assume you use your completed lap for most cases (such as blown engine, spin, etc.) which can all be considered "errors". However for an "infraction" such as 7-9 ("TIME DISQUALIFIED") does it totally disqualify your times (meaning both laps so start at back), or only the current lap (meaning use first completed lap time)?

Answer: That incident should totally disqualify you including the first laptime already completed. The idea with that incident was to simulate a rules infraction (found after qualifying: like the spoiler was too low or something), which would eliminate the entire qualifying run.

Incident Quick Refernece Chart Questions
Date Entered: July 17, 2003

Question: Track Incidents dice roll of 4 says: Take one lap away from tire's distance --> what is that distance? In the RASC Realism Package Late Addition 8 laps is mentioned as an example, but is that realistic?

Answer: The tire's distance is the same as car's Fuel distance to start the race. Tire and fuel distance are the same in the basic RASC version, and they may be the same or kept track of seperately. The season schedules towards the end of the Realism Package Driver's Manual list suggested Fuel/Tire durations. In the Sprint Season the car's fuel and tires last for 10 laps. Is that realistic? Well, it's more abstract because the race is only 15 laps long. We made a pit requirement to add the thrill of pit stop strategies in short races.

Question: TRACK INCIDENTS: throwing a 10 points me to the TC chart --> nowhere to find this chart

This was a typo. There is no TC Chart. When you roll this incident, roll 2 incident dice to determine the new track setting.

Question: DODGE CHART (for A and B DRIVERS): throwing an 12 puts me nowhere ???

Answer: This was a typo. 12 is the same as a roll of 2; note on your incident sheet.

Question: DODGE CHART (for C and D DRIVERS): throwing an 8 puts me nowhere ???

Answer: This was a typo. 8 is the same as a roll of 7; note on your incident sheet.

Question: Spin chart cars can spin diagonally to the left or to the right after a challenge and move 1/2 MIN --> when does this movement take place, at the time you roll the unfortunate effect or in the next Track movement phase ? I mean challenging takes place after movement; so when you spin you could move then an extra number of spaces of 1/2 MIN and even pass opponents ????

Answer: The 1/2 MIN movement will always take place on the next track movement (instead of rolling the MIN MAX dice). When you are racing and spin, you are to move 1/2 MIN directly after rolling. When you are challenging and spin, turn your car backwards to remember, and when the track movement gets to your car, roll the spin table dice and move your car 1/2 MIN.

Question: Pit Stop Service Times Fixing any MW check costs 100 seconds; when my car has 2 checks does that cost 200 seconds to fix or are different crew personnel fixing both checks at the same time ?

Answer: Each MW check costs 100 seconds; it is assumed that the crew will all be working on one thing at a time.

Question: Off Track Impact dice roll of 12 says: Go to Wall Impact; do you mean Go to the On Track Impact table ?

Answer: Yes. Another typo. Roll 2 6 sided dice and refer to the On Track Impact table.

Question: Qualifying Incidents at several dice rolls a car must start at the back or start last; in several games I played at least two cars had this result; in which order are they to be placed ?

Answer: Of the disqualified cars, the car that is disqualied first will start first, the 2nd disqualified will start 2nd, and so on.

RASC Realism Package Rulesbook Questions
Date Entered: July 17, 2003

Question: GROUPED MECHANICAL WEAR: on page 9 you advise to use GMW in races of 25 or less; on page 28 however on the RASC Full Season Schedule you advise to use GMW while the lapcount is 40 for every race ?

Answer: Another typo. I changed page 9, to use GMW on races of 40 laps or less to be consistent. Make a note in your manual.

Question: RASC ENDURANCE SEASON SCHEDULE: on page 28 you advise to use Pit Stops For Fuel and Tires and the underlying table only gives the lasts for Fuel, not for the tires; Does this also differ per Sunvalley or Coopersville racetrack ?

Answer: No, as I explained earlier, the fuel distance is the same as the tire distance. Make a note in your manual.

Adjusting Car Setup
Date Entered: April 05, 2003

I just realized that on the RP sheets for Pit stops, there are entries for Adjusting Setup, and the amount of seconds needed. How does that work? I can't find it in the manuals.

Answer: Woops! Here you go:

Adjusting Car Setup
You may adjust your car setup in the pits. Refer to the Pit Stop Service Times on the Incidents Quick Reference Chart for setup times. Use the A Team value of 20 seconds (0 with a 4 tire pit stop); the different team levels are intended for a future Team Performance Level enhancement.

1. Spend 20 seconds to make one Car Setup adjustment. You are allowed to make one setup change with a 4 tire pit stop without spending additional time in the pits.

2. Roll one 6 sided die. The value you roll will move your car setup in the direction of the track setting.
For example:
Car is set at: 4
Track Setting: 10
Adjustment Roll: 3
Car is now set at: 7 (4 + 3)

Your adjustment will always move in the direction of the track setting.
You may not pick your new car setting like at the beginning of the race.

3. Adjust your car setup value and Change to MAX on the Car Condition sheet.

Change to MAX When Challenging
Date Entered: April 05, 2003

Does the change value for a setup also affect challenge rolls? The manual only indicates that it affect the MAX value, but i was thinking it would also affect the challenge rolls (a bad handling car would have trouble challenging and passing/blocking a good handling car).

Answer: Yes, the change value does affect your Challenge rolls. The Change to MAX is kind of Beta rule; the old tried and true method was Change to MIN. So, if your car's total change (from setup, damage, etc) was -3, you would be -3 on every roll and on every challenge. The Change to MAX rule was a new idea to keep cars from spreading out so quickly because -1 on every roll will kill you! Try it both ways, and let me know which you like better.

Blocking & Best Line
Date Entered: January 18, 2003

> 1. I am having a Hard time understanding the "Blocking & Best Line" section
> outlined on Page 13. Was this section added just to tell everyone that
> blocking doesn't work? That no matter what Car A does in the example given
> there, car B can pull to the inside or middle lanes anyway. Or is this
> section explaining how to block?

This is only to be used when using the optional Stay In Your Lane rule, and yes, it is stating that you can NOT block a preffered line of another car.

Grouped Mechanical Wear
Date Entered: January 18, 2003

1. On page 9 and again on page 16 of the RASC Realism Package
Grouped Mechanical wear is mentioned. It just says when you should
use it, not really how to use it. Can you explain a little more the

Whenever a Mechanical Wear item is rolled on the incident chart, place a checkmark in the Grouped MW field on the Car and Driver Condition Sheet; instead of each individual item.



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