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Raymond has expanded the RASC track to fit 1/64th scale cars, and he has made some rules modifications. See the events Raymond is operating this year to the left, and check out his track and rules modifications here.

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3rd Annual RASC Origins Tournament at Origins 2004

Are you going to Origins this year? Raymond Runge will be running RASC on his awesome, HUGE, 1/64th scale racetrack.

A note from Ray on how the RASC Tournament will be held this year:

The last couple of years I've run RASC tournaments at Origins which lasted a few days. So many first rounds to second round and then the final chanpionship round. Well this year I'll be running another tournament but very differently.

First off it's only going to be one day and that's Thursday, June 24 from 8 am until 10 pm. That's right , until 10 pm. This will be a marithon tournament for points. The more you race the more points you'll get.

The mechanics:
Each person that show up to race for the first race will be able to select their car for the tournament on a first come first serve. This will be their car for the tournament. Dependant on the number of players there maybe a team car. Each race will be 10 laps, with point given out at the end per the old NASCAR points system. There will be a short break between races to move to another race track and for qualifying, this time will be specified by me. Those drivers not qualifying by the specified time will be taking a provisional based on in the order of their points in the tournament. Drivers must be present at stard of race to get provisional. Otherwise they do not qualify for that particular race. After qualifying is done, a new race will be run at the end of the specified break time. And we repeat the cycle until 10 pm. This set up will allow players to take part in other things and come back to race again, it up to you the driver because if you don't race you loose points. This is the drivers call.

The rules:
My races are based on time. The movement on the track is how far a car travels
in 14 seconds (average pit stop last year) and the record track qualifying speed as
found in THE OFFICIAL NASCAR 2004 PREVIEW AND PRESS GUIDE. Because track movement is base on pit stop time, players will loose a turn when making the required 1 pit stop.

Other items of change from the rolls is the Track incidents. After using the realism rules last year I found that their were a lot of black flag given out. So I later changed the black flag (7) with the flat tire (2) because 7 is the most rolled number in a 2 to 12 flat tires are more common than black flags (This has been addressed in Version 2 of the Realism Package).

The Winner:
The winner will be the driver with the most points, at the end of the last race of the day. In the event of a tie their will be a short 3 lap race to break the tie.

The Prizes:

At present the prize will be
1st Place ---- 20 1/144 scale hauler/ car combos
2nd Place ---- 10 1/144 scale cars
3rd Place ---- 10 1/ 144 scale cars

See you at Origins.

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