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RASC Updates

The following updates to the RASC Driver's Handbook include events that may occur during racing that were not addressed in the handbook. All of these issues will also be posted in the Game Tips section.

Qualifying Card Setup Section

We apologize for any confusion in this section. This was a typography error, and this section was supposed to be omitted as there is NO Qualifying card. The qualifying lap times are now printed directly on the track, so there is no need for a qualifying card layover as outlined in the handbook. Follow the instructions printed on the track for qualifying.

Qualifying Ties

An optional way to determine tie breaks is by using a roll off. Thanks to Tim Pepper for bringing this to our attention. Again, this is an optional rule to use during qualifying. Rather than giving the tie breaker spot to the first car to arrive at the marked lap time, determine tie breakers by having a roll off between the tied cars using the 10 sided challenge dice. For record keeping of lap times, you can add a tenth of a second to the loser's lap times

When a Car Moves 1/2 of a Track Roll

If an incident requires a car to move 1/2 of their track roll, the cars behind DO NOT have to stop and challenge. We apologize this was not addressed in the handbook.

Increasing Track Incident Odds For Longer Races

You may notice a lot of DNFs in short races. If you plan to run longer races, you may wish to increase the odds of having Track Incidents. One way to do this is to require that a driver must roll TWO double TIs or TWO 0s (in challenges) to make an incident occur. Another way to up the odds for a TI would be to increase the minimum track movement dice roll to THREE and make an incident occur only when THREE TIs are rolled.

When to Mark a Car Down as Completing a Lap in the Pits

If you downloaded the Race Log Sheet and use it to track your races rather than the Lap Counter Pawns, this will be an issue for you. Usually, when cars pit, it is best to mark them down as completing the lap as soon as they enter the pits in the order they enter the pits. If a car is on the track at about the same distance from the S/F line, mark down the car on the track first because realistically, they are traveling at a faster rate and will cross the line first. Be careful to mark down everyone for completing their lap and don't mark anyone down twice. This could create a driver to magically lose or gain a lap!

Cars Coming Out of The Pits on a Yellow Flag

If you have cars in the pits and on the track when a yellow flag comes out, it may be confusing as to which driver rolls first because drivers in the pits could stand to gain a lot if they move before the cars on the track, which must stop at the CAUTION FLAG LINE UP line. When the caution flag comes out, the pits are closed. Any cars that are in the pits and going back onto the track about the same time as the leaders that are approaching the CAUTION FLAG LINE UP line are required to stop at the end of the pits and wait until all of the cars on the track have lined up and gone by. If there are many cars in the pits, the are required to line up in the pits and wait behind the car that arrived at the end of the pits first. It really doesn't matter who rolls or moves first.

The Black Flag Track Incident

Here is another Driver's Handbook error. You may notice that when you merely drive your car into your pit stall and immediately return to the track, you may pass cars on the track! To fix this unrealistic dilemma, simply make the black flag a 10 second pit penalty. When this happens, move your car exactly as if you are making a pit stop. However, rather than covering the entire row of clocks, move your car ONLY to the 10 second clock and return to your pit stall.

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