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Where can I buy RASC?
Where to buy RASC

Get 1/144th Scale Diecast Cars for use with RASC!



MIN-MAX Motorsports Dice

Our MIN-MAX dice were designed for RASC, and they are adaptable to other motorsports and racing games. These custom dice allow a racing field to stay close. The problem we had with standard 6 sided dice was the "spread" was too large. One car could roll a movement of 2 while another car could roll a movement of 12. So, we designed the MIN-MAX dice to allow only a 3 space spread. The dice are marked with MIN,MIN,MAX,+1,+2, and TI. This allows you to set any MIN and MAX you would like, and the +1 and +2 would represen the numbers in between the MIN and MAX. For example, if the MIN is 10 and the MAX is 13, +1 would be 11, and +2 would be 12. This keeps the racing close. The TI represents a "Track Incident". Get extra copies of the MIN-MAX dice for RASC or adapt them to your own game.

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