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Where can I buy RASC?
Where to buy RASC

Get 1/144th Scale Diecast Cars for use with RASC!



Products from Real Action Games

The Real Action Stockcar Championship (RASC) Board Games
RASC is a 2 for 1 dynamic board game with 2 different race tracks demanding different racing strategies. Up to 20 drivers experience the thrills of being in the driver's seat in a stock car with the exitement of true racing. All drivers make their own pit and race strategies to win the race and eventually the RA Cup for winning the RASC championship.

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MIN-MAX Motorsports Dice

Our MIN-MAX dice were designed for RASC, and they are adaptable to other motorsports and racing games. These custom dice allow a racing field to stay close. The problem we had with standard 6 sided dice was the "spread" was too large. One car could roll a movement of 2 while another car could roll a movement of 12. So, we designed the MIN-MAX dice to allow only a 3 space spread. The dice are marked with MIN,MIN,MAX,+1,+2, and TI. This allows you to set any MIN and MAX you would like, and the +1 and +2 would represen the numbers in between the MIN and MAX. For example, if the MIN is 10 and the MAX is 13, +1 would be 11, and +2 would be 12. This keeps the racing close. The TI represents a "Track Incident". Get extra copies of the MIN-MAX dice for RASC or adapt them to your own game.

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RASC Realism Package Add-On Version 4

Make RASC Really Roll! THIS IS AN ADD ON AND REQUIRES THE RASC BOARD GAME! The Realism Package Version 4 is for die hard race fans and game players that want the ultimate in realism. It contains many RASC out-takes from the original version. New Features for Version 4 -All In One dice system that will combine MIN-MAX dice, Incident dice, and Challenge dice into one roll. -The board racing is faster and funner than ever with this new system! -New pit stop method that will make for more realistic pit stops! -New Bump and Block rules -New Points System -Driver/Team Talents Silly Season -Lucky Dog Wave Around Rules A Leap Ahead of RASC -Tire Wear and Fuel Mileage -Multi Car Wrecks -Additional Realistic Incidents -Accumulating Car Wear -Repairable Car Damage -Detailed Lap Logging -Car Setup and Track Conditions This product is NOT required to enjoy racing in the RASC board game.

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PDF Pack - Download NOW

THIS IS AN ADD ON AND REQUIRES THE RASC BOARD GAME! All of the material in this PDF package are included in the Realism Package version 4. You don't need both. The PDF pack comes with all the new version 4 rules included in the Realism Package. You get PDF files including all the game forms that you need, which you can print out when you need. Download right away! You will need the following pieces to use this PDF Pack: 3 yellow 10 sided dice 1 green 10 sided die Pit crew markers for the number of cars competing

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RASC Accessories and Promo Items

Get extra cars, dice, and other accessories for RASC.

RASC Accessories  

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