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RASC (the Real Action Stockcar Championship) began in 1989 as the brothers Curtis and Brady Cooper drew a track on a poster board one night in Front Royal, Virginia. They were avid race fans and merely made a game to play with since they were both "want-to-be" race car drivers. At that time, RASC was a crude drawing of a race track, and the playing pieces were cigarette butts. The concept was simple: move your car around the race track and finish before anyone else

The original concept was fun, so they began developing the game further. Brady was a graphic artist and began drawing a more detailed race track. Curtis was interested in engineering, science and statistics, so he began calculating how fast the playing pieces were traveling around the track along with other rules and formulas that made the game more realistic.

At this time, they were joined by their friend, Nile Christian in playing and developing the game. It was at this time that the name Real Action Games was first muttered and became a vision since the Cooper brothers felt their game was more than just a game: it was becoming a realistic simulation of motor racing.

Devlopement on what was then known as "The Race Game" continued in Morehead, Kentucky as the Cooper brothers relocated. Tracks were continually drawn and rules were continually modified as they watched races on television and adjusted rules in the race game to simulate what they saw. A friend in Morehead, Rick Osborne, began playing the race game and assisting in more and more rules development. Races and complete seasons were run using the race game and rules were fine tuned along the way. It got to the point where they thought they could improve it no further.

Friends would come over and play the race game. Many times they would marvel and say "this is really cool; you should try and market it.", but Curtis merely replied "Nah, it's just our toy."

The race game was put in the closet for a few years after the tragic death of Alan Kulwicki on 4-1-93 after winning the Winston Cup Chmpionship in 1992 against all odds. Alan was Curtis' favortie NASCAR driver, and he was motivated by Alan's drive to accomplish things against all odds. In 1994 Curtis pulled out the old race game and began to research marketing it. The road was tough and the learning curve was high. Nearly everyone they spoke to about making a racing board game suggested they not do it However, they wanted to share their toy that had given them so much fun and excitement with the world, so they didn't yield to the warning signs and marched on.

Real Action Games was officially founded in Lexington, KY in 1995. RASC (The Real Action Stockcar Championship) was chosen as the game's name after much research into product licensing with a known racing organization. It was their quest to simulate a racing organization and championship series. When they could not come up with the licensing money, they decided to create their own racing series which would offer full series championship play. Hence, the name RASC.

Transforming the race game to the production version of RASC took a lot of drive and research. Over two years after forming Real Action Games, their RASC board game arrived in production trim. It was a huge accomplishment and a dream come true for the Cooper brothers.

Real Action Games would like to thank and remember the late Alan Kulwicki, NASCAR Winston Cup Champion 1992 for his inspiration to allow us to be here today.
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