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RA Stockcar Championship Board Game Testimonials

I must say that I'm very impressed with your game and all of the materials!!!! First Class all the way!!!! Well done!!! Well done!!!!!

-John Barkoviak Normal, IL

Excerpts from RASC review at by Tom Vasel

I’ve always had a soft spot for Formula De, because its cool dice and boards helped bring me back into the boardgaming fold from my affair with miniatures and CCGs. While not a racing fan, the game helped immerse me into the theme, and I had (still have) a blast when playing it. When I heard about RASC - Real Action Stockcar Championships (Serious Fun Workshop, 1998), I hoped for another experience that was as fun as my memories of Formula De.

When opening the box, the game alluded to the same “coolness” factor that Formula De had: a pretty board, nifty dice, nice model cards, etc. Then I had a bit of confusion with the rules, as they were formatted poorly. Fortunately, the game was fun to play. I’m not sure how to compare it to other racing games, as it can be played as a marathon 500-lap race, or a short ten-lap race. The races are fairly realistic, and a “realism” package can be purchased for even more simulation. I enjoyed the basic game; and while I don’t think I’ll ever try a marathon race, it’s good for a lark if you can look past some of the niggly rules.

Some comments on the game…

1.) Components: The game box is very long and big; it’s one of the biggest games I own, and thus makes it a bit harder to store. The board is HUGE; it’s as large, if not larger than an Eagle games board, and certainly looks the part of a NASCAR track. Twenty plastic cars, in ten different colors (the cars are 1/144th scale model), three different colored ten-sided dice, four special six-sided dice, and two regular six-sided dice are also included in the game. Everything (except the rules) is of high quality, and the game does look good on the table. Since the cars are fairly large, they are easy to move (unlike the small cars in Formula De); and this good, since they get moved a lot. The dice are all high quality, and it’s nice how the three ten-sided dice are a different color so that players can differentiate when making challenges.

2.) Rules: I was fairly displeased by the rulebook. The rules for the game are not that difficult, but the order they are written in the rulebook caused me to read it three times before I finally figured out what was going on. The gameplay itself is fairly simple (the basic rules), but some better editing should have been done. The advanced rules are much better written, even though some of the detail in them would make most people’s eyes spin.

3.) Length: A ten-lap game probably would last an hour or so. That’s not too bad; and once players know how to play quickly, it might last even shorter (if there are ten or less cars in the race.) A five-hundred lap race – well, I don’t even know who would have the time to do something like that – perhaps over a very lengthy time. The game includes a season schedule, which includes five 300-lap races, and five 200-lap races. Who has that kind of time!!?? But I’m sure that there are some devoted NASCAR fanatics out there who would love this sort of thing, and perhaps the longer races are for them. As for me, I’m satisfied with the shorter sprints and find that they make a nice change of pace from more mathematical games.

4.) Math: Formula De bases a lot of its mechanics in math. You may need a “13” to hit a curve exactly in the right spot, so players may analyze, trying to pick the right die to land there. RASC isn’t like that. Players just roll two, three, or four dice. Attempting to pass another car has nothing to do with the odds (well, maybe a little, considering what space you are on) but ends up in a fight for leadership. This game involves players passing around dice and makes for a quick moving game. (Unless twenty cars are in the race, and even then it’s fairly fast.)

5.) Advanced rules: You can buy the advanced rules, as well as lap sheets, log sheets, etc. from the internet. Some of the sheets are even downloadable for free at the company’s website, I think the advanced rules are downright cool and are incredible how much realism they add to the race. One must remember; however, that realism does not equal fun. (See many simulation war games to prove this point.) However, there is a genre of people who adore this kind of complexity, and for them, the advanced rules would be a godsend. Most people won’t need them, so for them I’d suggest not purchasing them.

6.) Fun Factor: The game is a lot of fun to play, as long as everyone keeps everything moving swiftly. Just have everyone keep rolling the dice, and keep going. The chance of a car crashing is fairly high (about 1 in 20); so if players use two dice, they’ll probably move slower but increase their survival. Also, all players should have two cars, so that the elimination factor of the game is lessened. I played the game with kids and adults, with the kids enjoying it more. It also made for a pleasant solitaire simulation exercise. I’m not sure it’s as fun as Formula De, but it was fun enough for me to want to play it again.

If you’re a fan of NASCAR, then this game will appeal to you greatly. Whether or not the advanced rules will be enjoyable depends on your need for complexity. Fans of Formula De will probably enjoy this one, although they will feel less of a lack of control. People who want a quick, fast fun racing game should enjoy this, and they have the option of playing a longer game. The game is not deep by any stretch of the imagination (except the advanced rules), and it looks good on the table. While not my favorite racing game, RASC does give a good time, and it’s ability to handle up to twenty people is an excellent trait. If you’re looking for a light racing game that has the possibility of simulation complexity, than RASC is the one for you!

Tom Vasel “Real men play board games.”
Added: January 17th 2005

I do a lot of game designing and modification stuff -- for my kids at one point, now for my grandkids :-) -- for example, I took the best Formula One racing game, "Formula De," and made a bunch of revisions, including eliminating the dice (too much variance, too much luck) and replacing them with gear matrices that were less volatile. So I was very impressed with your clever solution to the variance-luck issue using the Min-Max dice -- nice touch.
-Gary Knight from Driftwood, TX

RASC Realism Package got here yesterday and I'm impressed. For such a simple mechanic you've managed to capture a great deal of the NASCAR experience. I especially like the car set-up rules and how they work. I didn't know what I was missing before.
-Donald Weed from Broomfield, CO

I have owned my RASC game for about 3 years now and have had nothing but good times with the game!!! It's amazing how easy it is to get people to play. The interest is there almost immediately. When I added the Realism Pack I was quite amazed with what it actually added to the game! These days, I wouldn't think of playing the game without the Realism rules. I have to really commend the team for all the hard work that was put into the game and all the updates they stay on top of!!!! This game is a 'diamond in the rough' and hopefully, more racing fans will find what a true gem the game is!!! Thanks for all the fun!!!

-John D. Di Ponio Lake Orion, Michigan

I received my RASC game and the reality package yesterday. First, let me say the quality of the game's tracks and playing components is outstanding. The graphics are beautifully done for the tracks. The basic game plays easily and quickly. The little plastic cars are nicely done, and customizing them might be fun.
-Tim Chandler Fort Pierce, FL

I’d like to start by saying that this game has definitely exceeded my expectations. Up to now, I have been playing the Formula De game which I really like as well. One thing RASC has to offer is the ability to play solitaire.
-Paul Hardin Annandale, VA

"I just bought the game a couple of weeks ago. I have only raced a few races, but I am VERY impressed with how realistic it is. You have taken great care not to miss a detail. I am a HUGE NASCAR fan and was a little scared to play the game for fear of being let down. NO LET DOWN....great game."
- Matt Henderson Enon, OH

" . . . a great game that has not until now been realistically transported to the gameboard and can be enjoyed by many or played solo."
- Richard Ginste Clinton Twp, MI

"Let me tell you, I'm more of a racing game fan than a racing sport fan. I love Formula De BUT I wanted a game that could sim(ulate) US Racing... face it, it's tough to find US F1 fans to game with! Also, the open wheel racing I'm exposed to is CART / INDY. Oval tracks in Formula De are 1) BORING! And 2) badly simulated."

"I had very little interest in NASCAR until I bought your game. Frankly I had very little interest in oval racing until I got into your game. Once I played your game, I started understanding the strategy in oval racing. I've got a buddy that is a NASCAR freak and is always talking about that strategy... I never 'got' it, 'til I played RASC. With your realism package, I think you've really nailed it! I may leave FdE (Formula De) on the shelf for good. I have a new appreciation for oval racing in the last couple of years thanks to RASC."
- Charlie Heckman Ocoee, FL

"This game, from what I've seen so far, may be nudging ahead as my favorite racing game. (I am a big Formula DE & Speed Circuit fan). As I love NASCAR! And I want to be as clear as possible with the basic rules so I can get all my friends and family playing some championships."

Brian's Small Press Picks from Knights of the Dinner Table magazine No. 48 October 2000

When I stumbled across a demo of the game at GenCon I found myself staring over the shoulders of those playing and literally drooling. It didn't take me long to reach for my wallet and snag a copy. Being a huge fan of Euro Games' Formula De my interest in racing games has been piqued in recent months. So I thought I'd give RASC a try. As I shoved my copy of RASC under my arm and made my way through the thronging crowd, I mumbled a simple gamer's prayer. "Please, Lord! Let it be worthy of my gaming dollars!"

Somebody must have been listening because it didn't take me long to discover my prayer had been answered. RASC plays fast and furiously with plenty of dice-play to boot. Up to twenty cars race at a time. (Don't worry if you can't round up more than a handful of players - RASC has rules for non-human controlled cars.) At the core of the game are four MIN-MAS movement dice. All cars move around the track using these dice which are marked MIN, +1, +2, MAX, or TI. Drivers are allowed to roll 2 to 4 movement dice to simulate how hard they are pushing their cars to win. After rolling, the driver is allowed to pick the die with the best result. However, the more dice you roll the greater the chance of a Track Incident (TI). Can you say "crash" or "spin out"? If the dice come up with two or more TI's then your car has had a mishap, and you must roll 2d6 on the Track Incident table to determine the outcome.

Another kewl feature of RASC is the "Challenge". You are not allowed to pass other cars in this fame without challenging them. As the rules point out, "Catching a car is one thing, but passing them is a different game." Challenge dice (1d10) are rolled with the highest roller taking the lead. Each car's roll is modified according to which lane it occupies. A result of zero indicates a Track Incident. Drafting rules allow cars to slingshot (if they win the challenge) around lead cars. And since races can last from 10 to 500 laps you'll need to make Pit Stops to refuel. (Depending on the type of race, a car's fuel can last anywhere from 10 to 60 laps.)

The rules do an excellent job of simulating NASCAR racing without bogging down speed of play or game excitement. With up to twenty cars on the track that's an amazing accomplishment. The game even includes log sheets and rules to run your own Season Championship. I've already played a dozen games of RASC, and it looks like it's going on my classic game list. Say no more.

Brian's Rating: Start your engines!

I have to tell you...this game is fantastic!!! I couldn't believe how easy it was to get it up and running!! Had a game night tonight and thats all anyone wanted to play! In fact, I had a couple of neighbors stop over to see what was going on because of all the noise we were producing and we sucked them into playing! We had 10 guys each running 2 cars which made it tons of fun! This is one of the best polished racing games that takes into account all the strategy that real racing involves. My kids even love to set it up and play. The nice feature is the ability to make your races any length you want! With winter fast approaching in the great Midwest, there are a few of us that are trying to pu together a league to run. I think it will be a blast!!!! Thanks for all your hard work you put into the game!! I hope to see more tracks in the future!! I know you will get orders from some of the guys I had over.

-John D. Di Ponio
Lake Orion, MI

The RASC game is EXCELLENT! It is the best stock car racing board game on the Planet! The only other awesome racing game is Formula-De which is good for CART, IRL, or F1 simulation.

-Steve Dawson
Bloomington, IN

RASC is really great!!!!!!!

-Luca Parolini

"I love this game. It’s keeping me up at nights as I run 10-car, 10-lap shootouts."

-Chris Saguisag
San Francisco, CA

"This game is awesome."

-Bill Winski
Aurora, CO

"Everyone playing RASC was impressed at how fast paced it was."

"RASC and Daytona Challenge are the two best racing games on the market, and RASC is a bit more technical."

-Leland Black
Top Drivers Association
Danville, IL

"RASC is great for solitaire play, and NO paperwork!"

-John Welage
Cincinnati, OH

"Great game guys. I'll certainly recommend it to my friends. "

-Bill Benedict
Terre Haute, IN

"I received your game yesterday, and played with my kids - and did we love it!!! Man alive, was it cool - and the kids were excited to be able to race!!! I have a lot of the 1/144 scale cars, and they were excited to race 'Terry' and 'Bobby' and 'Jeffy' and DW around the track!!!!"

-Bill Van Dyke
Sterling Heights, MI

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