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Track Movement Our custom made MIN-MAX motorsports dice keep the competition close and allow you to choose how hard or easy you want to drive your car. Each driver may choose to roll 2,3, or 4 dice. The more you roll, the harder you are driving, the better chance you have of going fast, but the better chance you have of crashing. This is a fast way to allow strategy but keep the race moving quickly as racing really does. Reading the dice is easy. Each track has its own MIN and MAX (minimum and maximum track movement), which allows different lap times at different tracks. For example, at Coopersville Speedway the MIN=10 and the MAX=13 while Sun Valley Racepark has a MIN=15 and MAX=18, so your car goes faster at Sun Valley Racepark. After your roll, you take the best possible track movement displayed on 1 die. If you roll two TIs then you have encountered a Track Incident where you can spin, crash, or slow down. At Sunvalley (where the MIN=15), a roll of MIN would allow youto move your car 15 spaces on the track. A roll of +1 would allow you to move your car 16 spaces, +2 - 17 spaces, and MAX - 18 spaces. The spaces around the board are numbered to make moving your car fast without the need to count every space, which also helps keep RASC moving fast.

Qualifying RASC qualifying is easy, fast, realistic and dramatic. Each driver rolls the MIN MAX dice and moves around the track until they arrive on one of the LCD clocks printed on the board. That is their lap time, and they are to leave their car there as other drivers qualify. When qualifying is complete, the race is easy to line up from the position the cars sit on the track, so you can get right to racing.

The Start of the Race A good roll here is crucial as a challenge is not required. If you have a bad start, you could easily go from the lead to the back in a flash.

Racing and Challenging During the rest of the race, when you catch up to a car in front of you, you must stop beside them and challenge them before you pass. This adds drama during the race making it very difficult to pass and pull away from a car. Just as in real racing, driving fast lap times and catching a car is one thing, but passing them is something completely different. At the end of all driver's track movements, all cars that are side by side must challenge to see who will roll first on the next track movement. It is possible to get out of the racing line and put your car in a space that will slow it down (indicated on the track by a racing line and -1 and -2 spaces). If your car gets in one of these spaces, you will be at a disadvantage during your challenge and your next track movement, so be careful. You do not have to move into one of these spaces and challenge if you do not want to, but be careful of cars behind you challenging you. Car placement in this manner is a huge strategy in RASC. Also, lane choice could prove crucial as drafting zones on the track will aloow you to pull away from the other cars or draft by them, if you pick the right lane.

Pit Stops RASC makes pit stops easy and fast. Just as in real racing the pits offer you an easy pass on another car if you have a good pit stopbecause there are no challenges in the pits. Likewise, if you have a bad pit stop, it could be very costly to your race performance. We have designed our pit stops to keep cars from getting unfair advantages. Some racing games require you roll different types or amounts of dice while in the pits, which may be unfair to certain drivers depending on where they land while entering the pits. RASC allows full rolls of the MIN-MAX dice while moving through the easy to use, fast paced pit service clocks.

Race Duration and Lap Counting RASC offers both Sprint and Endurance races allowing 10-15 laps or 200-300 laps depending on which you prefer. Lap counting is made easy with our pawn controlled lap counter. When the race leader crosses the start/finish line, the pawn is to be moved up one lap until the race is complete. The 3 row lap counter even allows for long races up to 599 laps if you are so inclined.

The RASC Championship Did you win the race? Well, keep it up. RASC is designed to allow championship play on the two indluced tracks. 5 races at each track make up the season, and you are awarded points depending on how you finish after each race. Winning a RASC race is hard, but winning the championship takes all of the strategy and guts you have.

Keep an eye out for additional tracks to add to your RASC season and our add-on Realism Package, which allows more realistic rules.

RASC comes with 20 highly detailed plastic stock cars, and it is compatible with any 1/144th scale or smaller diecast cars.


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